Officers rescue drone in a tree near University of Michigan-Flint campus

FLINT (WJRT) (04/12/18) - We're used to seeing firefighters rescue cats out of trees, but what about certain flying objects?

University of Michigan-Flint police officers say it was just as windy Wednesday as it was Thursday. That's when a young man tried to land his drone on a slab of concrete near the Flint River, but it landed in a tree.

"It was about 20 to 25 feet up," said Russell Taunt, lead security officer with campus Department of Public Safety.

Taunt was helping out another officer who had been flagged down by the drone owner. He made the most of his resources in getting the drone down.

"So I came over to our facilities area since our grounds crew was gone at the time. Found a telescopic pole with a hook on it. Went over there and we were able to get the drone out of the tree," Taunt said.

The young man was a visitor, just off campus trying to get a look at the work being done along the river. Sgt. Meoachy Proby has a sense of humor about it.

Actually, I overheard it on the radio that one of my officers had been flagged down for a drone in the tree and I was like, 'Oh wow, another day at DPS,'" Proby said with laughter.

So, is this something that they see a lot of at U of M-Flint?

"We had a couple of occasions where there have been drones on campus, but yesterday was extremely windy. I don't know if he was landing it or taking off but the wind pushed it directly into the tree," Taunt said.

Proby said anyone wishing to fly a drone over the U of M campus must get permission from the university relations staff first. She believes the drone pilot likely was just trying to fly over the Flint River.

The $800 drone was damaged , but the officers say the owner was grateful for the save. Not a kitty rescue, but campus safety officers are receiving some love online.

"It's our very first rescue and we're quite proud of that," Proby said.

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