Man dies in Flint mobile home fire

Published: Mar. 30, 2017 at 11:49 AM EDT
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(03/31/17) - We are learning new details about a deadly mobile home fire in Flint.

Michigan State Police confirm the man who lived there, 50-year-old Tim Dzuris, has died.

MSP investigators were at Genesee Forest Estates to continue investigating Thursday morning.

Robert Guerra is a neighbor and friend of the victim, who says the man was 49 years old and lived alone.

Neighbors were frantic when they saw the structure catch fire. Guerra was notified just before midnight by another neighbor who had hoped the victim was with Guerra and not still inside the burning mobile home.

"A friend of mine, next door, across the street from the trailer, came by my house to see if he was over there watching TV or something," Guerra said. "But I said, 'No.' [He] said, 'Well, his trailer is on fire.' I said, 'What?!'"

MSP will release the man's identity once his family is notified.

Meanwhile, Guerra is trying to cope with the unexpected tragedy.

"He's a real good friend of mine, you know. Spend a lot of time...he would come over in the summer time, cook out and stuff, you know, come around the house, help out. You know, he was a really good friend. He's going to be sadly missed," Guerra said.