Zilwaukee man sheds 450+ pounds off 650-pound body

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ZILWAUKEE (WJRT) (3/12/2019) - Weighing in at 650 pounds, a Zilwaukee man feared that if he didn't lose weight he wouldn't be around today.

Carlos Orosco now weighs around 190 pounds and there's no turning back. He put on his gloves Tuesday for his evening workout at Pure-NRGY Fitness.

"I wasn't sure I would be alive at this time to tell you the truth,” Orosco said.

Four years ago, Orosco weighed a massive 650 pounds and knew his lifestyle had to change.

"I just became inactive," he said. "I would just go to work and go home and just lay and my activity level really decreased."

He got a jump start with bariatric surgery, which made his stomach smaller and helped Orosco to lose around 300 pounds. The rest of the weight drop he did on his own.

"Cardio and strength training usually here at the gym or at the studio probably about five days a week usually,” Orosco said.

For Orosco to lose more weight and reach his goals, he had to do more than just lift some weights."

"I didn't realize I needed fuel. I had lost all the weight, and I was trying to add strength, and I wasn't giving myself enough food,” he said.

Orosco ditched fast food, so no more easy meals on the go.

"It's a constant struggle every day and it's so readily available," he said.

Orosco's diet now consists of veggies, fruits and chicken.

"I like where I am at right now, but I know there's a long way to go,” he said.

There are still parts of the old Orosco left, including enlarged calves and, of course, old photos.

"I'm not fake smiling anymore like I use to have too,” he said.

To keep Orosco motivated he held a significant token of what he used to be.

"I can get in a leg of each of them now, you know. It's a reminder though," he said. "It's a constant reminder that I can't become complacent again."