Organizations look for answers on reducing gun violence in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) (5/13/2019) - There's a call to action to build a safer future for one major mid-Michigan city.

Several organizers are working tonight to reduce gun violence in Flint.

They are looking at ways the community can take steps forward to stop another senseless death.

"So, it is almost like the norm, which isn't okay," Jennifer Johnson said.

Flint native Johnson says she was numb to gun violence.

Johnson lost several members of her family and friends because someone decided to end their life.

"At least 25, I've had cousin's murdered Flint and friends," Johnson said.

Johnson and many others know this is happening to many other families around the city.

When Tim Abdul-Matin was younger, he turned to a gun to answer his problems.

"I don't really have to. I did it as that is what I needed to do to survive," Abdul-Matin said.

Abdul-Matin has served his time and says he has changed.

Now, he and other local organizations partnered with a national tour and spoke to a crowd inside Saint Michaels.

"People are dying today. We need to do something today," Igor Volsky said.

They are looking for ways on how to reduce gun violence.

Abdul-Matin and his co-founder started a non-profit called M.A.D.E Institute to give returning citizens a second chance on life.

"To reach individuals at the level they are and give them the wrap-around services they need to overcome their barriers that they face," Abdul-Matin said.

Johnson says we need more outreach events like this one to make a brighter future.

"We need to be more unified in this community and care more for each other. People have lost morals and values when it comes to just being living," Johnson said.