Ortonville double shooting suspect foiled by foggy windows, arrested near Rattlesnake Lane

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ORTONVILLE (WJRT) (11/15/2017) - The Oakland County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man accused of shooting his estranged wife and her male companion Tuesday evening.

The sheriff's said 35-year-old Michael Quigley was arrested around 5:20 p.m., about 21 hours after the shooting. The arrest was made in the area of Rattlesnake Lane, which runs off Granger Road south of the village.

A resident in the area noticed the windows were fogged up in a minivan parked on the property. Realizing that seemed suspicious, the resident called 911 and police found Quigley hiding inside.

Oakland County Sheriff's Capt. Gary Miller said police were not immediately sure how long Quigley had been in the van.

Earlier Wednesday, the authorities located the .22-caliber revolver Quigley is accused of using located behind a bush near the shooting scene at 98 Village Court. Quigley's cell phone also was located near the gun.

The sheriff's office said the public could resume normal activities in the search area around Ortonville, but maintain a heightened sense of awareness. Anyone who sees Quigley was asked to call 911 immediately and avoid contacting him.

Classes were canceled in Goodrich Community Schools on Wednesday due to the ongoing manhunt and all after school activities were canceled, as well. Several other northern Oakland County school districts and the Goodrich Branch of the Genesee District Library also closed.

Local, state and federal authorities had spent 20 hours scouring Ortonville and the rural surrounding areas looking for Quigley with no success. The sheriff's office says no credible sightings have been reported since the search began after the shooting around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

However, authorities were continuing the search into Wednesday evening. The search includes helicopters, K-9 tracking teams, a SWAT team and officers on the ground from the sheriff's office, Michigan State Police and U.S. Border Patrol.

A K-9 tracking team picked up a scent believed to be from Quigley soon after the shooting and following it south of the scene before losing it.

"From where the shooting took place and where the tracking was at there's a lot of woods, a lot of hills. There's a lot of swamps," Miller said. "We don't believe he knows the area that well."

The search spooked residents of the small village of Ortonville, which is normally quiet and serene.

"Very concerned during the night because I live a block from here," said Arlene Thompson. "I could hear everything going on -- the helicopter overhead.

Word quickly spread through the community and on social media, leading many people to take safety precautions.

"Not terribly worried because once I found it was downtown and I live like a mile away, so I locked all the doors, got everyone inside," said Jesse Cornea.

Quigley's estranged wife had filed for divorce and also was seeking a personal protection order against him. She was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday for a hearing on the protection order.

"We know he was distraught over their separation," Miller said. "We talked to family members. We've talked to a friend of his. We know that to be true. It certainly is a domestic violence situation."

Police say Quigley tracked his estranged wife to the Village Court apartment, where she was meeting an unidentified male companion. Quigley knocked on the door, burst inside when it opened and got into a verbal argument.

During the argument, he pulled out the revolver and fired five shots. The woman got hit in the back of her head while the male was hit in the eye. Both underwent emergency surgery and were in stable condition in the intensive care unit at a local hospital.

A 3-year-old daughter of the male was in the apartment when the shooting took place, but she was not injured.

The sheriff's office reported that Quigley had been arrested on Nov. 10 and lodged in the Oakland County Jail after a hit-and-run crash. He was released on bond the following day, then voluntarily checked himself into an opiates addiction treatment program.

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