Owosso chooses kindness

OWOSSO, Mich. (WJRT) - It's a global movement that is sparking creativity in Owosso and bringing people in from across the area to show just how important kindness can be.

Maybe its just a simple smile, or a small compliment.

But in Owosso, they're taking it to a whole new level.

"To me, kindness is really just helping others out and doing what you can do for the community and for schools," says 7th grade student, Jack Sheldon.

In support of world kindness day, the Owosso community is is taking a pledge.

"A pledge to choose kindness, and they're going to come and ill talk to them about how they can be kind," says Brandy LeConte. "Give them ideas on how to be kind, ask them to take a pledge and they'll draw pictures and sign their name reflecting kindness."

For 6th grade student, Allyson Lamay, kindness is simply helping other when they need it.

"Helping someone out if they fall, help them up or if they drop something pick it up," she says. "If they're getting picked on help them out."

With over 500 students from surrounding school, as well as several hundred residents and business owners from town, students say they're hoping to see a big change in their community.

"If you're not kind you're not going to be treated with kindness either," says Sheldon. "You're going to be treated badly and you're not going to have as many friends because people will know you as not being kind."

Students like Jack Sheldon say he hopes more people will also take this pledge and choose kindness.