Owosso state representative working to cut auto insurance rates

Published: Jan. 23, 2019 at 6:33 PM EST
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(1/23/2019) - Representative Ben Frederick (R - Owosso) is one of nine state lawmakers selected to join the House's committee to reduce car insurance rates.

It's made up of both democrats and republicans.

Rep. Frederick said this is not a partisan issue, it affects all families across the state; and, that's why he wanted to be a part of the solution.

"The cost of auto insurance is a huge crushing burden on a lot of families," he explained. "It matches or exceeds in some cases, groceries or rent or housing costs. So, we have a very big challenge in front of us. I like that we have a committee dedicated to just this issue. I think it's important enough to do that type of specialized committee."

Their focus will be taking a closer look at the no-fault insurance system, which he said has a number of cost drivers that are forcing Michigan drivers to pay the highest car insurance rates across the country.

Rep. Frederick said the committee will be taking a look at other states that have the no-fault system.

And, he explained the plan right now is to bring in people who have benefitted from the system, the different players involved in making it work and those with ideas on how to reform it.

From their testimony, he said the committee will come up with a list of recommendations.

"I'm approaching it individually as ways we can improve and reform no-fault. I know other members would like to see it done away with and so on. But, that's part of the conversation," he explained. "We have to make sure that we have a balanced approach that preserves the healthcare benefits that people expect when they're in an accident with the real need for reduction in premiums."

There's no set timeline on when the committee will begin meeting.

But, Rep. Frederick said he would like to see measurable proposals out by the end of this year.