Pablo Picasso painting makes its way to Flint Institute of Arts

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FLINT (WJRT) - (05/14/2019) - A piece of art from a famed artist has made its way to Flint.

You’ve heard the name, Pablo Picasso. But now you can see one of his paintings in person at the Flint Institute of Arts.

The FIA’s ongoing exhibit, Picasso & Cubism, added a visiting piece this past month -his 1927 painting Femme Assise.

"It's something you have to see in person and you can't experience it on a computer,” said Tracee Glab, curator of collections and exhibits at FIA.

The Femme Assise (Seated Woman) painting came to Flint about a month ago on loan from the Art Gallery of Ontario.

"When they first approached us about borrowing our angel, which is the Reuben's Angel, it's a very important piece in our gallery and we were reluctant to let it go," said Glab.

Glab knew Ontario had the Picasso painting and thought it'd be an asset to the exhibit in Flint. So a collections exchange was made.

"We have prints by him in our collection but no paintings,” said Glab. “I was familiar with the art gallery of Ontario's painting by Picasso and I asked if it would be available and they said yes."

Dort Federal Credit Union played a role in making it possible by sponsoring the shipping and installation of the piece.

"We still had to pay for it to come here to Flint,” said Glab. “Shipping costs, especially for artwork, can be pretty expensive. So we were very fortunate that Dort Federal Credit Union sponsored the shipping and the installation of the piece here in Flint.”

The 1927 work depicts his wife, Olga Koklova, who was a Russian Ballet Dancer. But it's not an ordinary portrait -- which makes it so rare.

"It's a triple portrait of his wife Olga, a self-portrait, and then also his son Paulo, who was recently born," said Glab. "Picasso made hundreds and hundreds of paintings in his long career but he did not do very many triple portraits. So that's what makes it extra special."

The painting will be on display until early 2020 and admission to the Flint Institute of Arts is free for all residents of Genesee County.

To see more about the painting and other exhibits offered by Flint Institute of Arts click on the link attached to this story.

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