Packing his bags: Trump plans jet-setting summer of travel

Air Force One Boeing 747 VC-25A, Photo Date: undated / Photo: U.S. Air Force / MGN
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WASHINGTON (AP) (5/20/2019) - President Donald Trump is preparing for a jet-setting summer of travel as he heads into 2020.

His itinerary will see Air Force One fly more than 36,000 miles -- almost 1.5 times the earth's circumference.

The flurry of international travel is a marked change of pace for a president who rarely strays outside the White House, unless it's to his own properties. Trump typically prefers sleeping in his own bed.

It's part of a concerted attempt by Trump to wrap himself in the trappings of the presidency before the next election. It's also partly due to a fluke of the global summit calendar.

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