Paczkis fly off the tables at Krzysiak's House Restaurant on Fat Tuesday

BAY CITY (WJRT) (3/5/2019) - Fat Tuesday brought out its annual crowd to Krzysiak's House Restaurant in Bay City.

"It's a crazy day," said owner Donny Krzysiak. "We start out five in the morning. Usually it's people outside waiting to get in. We have a lot of take-outs waiting to get picked up."

On Tuesday, there were piles of orders on the table and behind the register. Each box was filled with paczkis.

"We get stuffing, all the fillings have to be ordered a couple of weeks in advance trying to get everyone hyped up," Krzysiak said.

Workers are not the only ones involved in the paczki fun.

"We got customers that pass out paczkis, people will help clear tables, it's like one big family here," Krzysiak said.

In addition to the restaurant's celebration, money earned from this day will go to a good cause.

"It's a fundraiser for Salvation Army," Krzysiak said. "We've been doing it for 20 years."

Rick Ray of the Bay County Salvation Army said a percentage of the sales at Krzysiak's House Restaurant on Tuesday was donated to the organization to benefit its lunch program.