Pain at the pump: Gas prices in Michigan rise

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 6:56 PM EDT
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(05/20/2019) - Gas prices in Michigan are once again on the rise, but for how long?

Brenda Carroll was thankful for the small vehicle she drives as she gased up on Monday.

"I'm getting $5 worth because I can't afford the price of gas," she said.

Joanne Stilley was also filling up in Flint Township before heading home to Traverse City, where she said prices are a bit higher.

"It was high for a few days, and then it went down, actually on the weekend, and then back up again," she said.

Gas Buddy analyst Patrick DeHaan, who studies the gasoline market, said prices jumped in Michigan last week and tend to increase about every week to 10 days.

"In fact, last year Michigan saw 33 of those price cycles we call them. That's what happened last week," he said.

DeHaan said the national average has started to fall, but with tensions between the U.S. and Iran heating up, as well as the trade deal delay with China, that downward trend may not continue.

"Keep in mind that there are sanctions on Iran now curbing the flow of oil that could have an impact upward effect on prices," DeHaan said.

But he said there is good news as we head into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, when gas prices typically rise. Prices around Mid-Michigan hit $2.99 a few times but didn't crack the $3 level for very long.

"Prices may have already peaked," DeHaan said.