Paramedic accused of using patients' morphine on himself

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FLINT (WJRT) (8/12/2019) - A Genesee County paramedic is accused of using morphine prescribed for his patients on himself.

MMR paramedic Eric Stanke is accused of using morphine prescribed for patients on himself.

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office arrested 34-year-old Eric Stanke on four felony drug charges after investigators allegedly found about 90 incidents over the past year where he tampered with morphine vials.

Stanke has worked for private ambulance service MMR for the past five years. Sheriff Robert Pickell said in one case, Stanke took a 10-milligram vial of morphine, gave 4 milligrams to a woman with a broken leg and administered the other 6 milligrams to himself.

Stanke allegedly took the empty vials, filled them with saline solution and resealed them with super glue.

Pickell said investigators also found vials of fentanyl missing during the investigation.

The sheriff's office was tipped off by the pharmacy director at McLaren Flint hospital, who noticed one of the vials didn't look right. All local hospitals were ordered to complete a drug audit.

"I think they acted very quickly here," Pickell said. "They're checking vials constantly. When morphine is used, you have to go back and replace it, so there are checks and balances in the system."

Stanke was arraigned on four felony drug charges and released from custody on $30,000 bond. MMR said he has been placed on administrative leave from the company.