Parents remember 'really, really sweet person' gunned down in Flint triple homicide

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/21/2019) - "He was a really, really sweet person. He was funny. He liked to be around everybody. He just liked people. He was a people person and everyone loved him. He knew everybody," Deajion Parker's Mom, Latoia Humphrey said.

She and his stepdad, Marcus Humphrey, said the 18-year-old was in town last month because he visiting them.

Parker lived in Arizona at the time; but, he grew up in Michigan, where his parents and many siblings still live.

"He always led them to the right way, like he always led them -- he was a good big brother. He was a good leader to them," Marcus Humphrey said.

Parker died Friday, September 20th, along with Antonio Colen and Jon-nie Vary. Flint Police said they were shot to death by 27-year-old Quatrail Smith.

It happened at a home on Illinois Avenue on Flint's east side. We're told Smith, 28-year-old Jovana King and 18-year-old Shiron Hamlet went to the home to buy a gun.

It's not clear if that transaction happened before the shooting. And if it did, was that weapon used to kill the three men?

We were expecting those questions to be answered Monday with witness testimony. But, the case was delayed until December because King's attorney needs her to undergo a psychological evaluation.

"I just want justice to be served for my son; because, he didn't deserve anything. And, I don't feel like he should've even been there," Parker's Mom said.

The Humphreys added it was difficult to see the accused in court Monday. They're still in shock they're in this situation.

"It's like you think you're getting back to reality; and then it's like, boom all of a sudden. It just hits you all over again," Marcus Humphrey explained.

King is charged with carrying concealed and possession of both cocaine and heroin.

Shiron Hamlet did not appear in court Monday. He is only charged with carrying concealed.

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