Parents, teachers criticize Goodrich superintendent at school board meeting

Published: Nov. 28, 2016 at 11:42 PM EST
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(11/28/16) - Goodrich High School teacher Kevin Ayre received a standing ovation in a packed room Monday night after he criticized Superintendent Michelle Imbrunone and what he describes as frequent, interrogative one-on-one meetings in her office.

"(They) don't always result in a reprimand or a formal write-up, but they are almost always with a notepad and a series of questions and a desk in between you...and a feeling of fear," said Ayre.

Several speakers addressed the superintendent and school board during the second straight meeting where public comment brought complaints about the administration's intimidating leadership style...and sinking morale in the district.

"We as parents have come together to come out and show the teachers that we support them and basically the fact that we need a new superintendent," said parent Kim Gray, who was also at the Monday board meeting.

Gray has joined with another Goodrich mom, Kelly Vohs, to call for change at the top of the district after hearing months of complaints from teachers and other staff members.

"We're moving forward with removing the board members that are not submitting to the will of what we parents see fit for our district," said Vohs.

Vohs and Gray say they are looking to recall four or five school board members if they don't let Imbrunone go at the end of her contract next year.

School Board President David Cramer spoke out during the meeting, saying while he's heard complaints, he's also heard from teachers who are happy with the current administration.

He read aloud a letter signed by 27 middle school teachers worried the loss of Imbrunone and other school leaders would negatively affect their building.

Imbrunone did read a statement of her own, saying she will always put children and their education first and admitted she is not immune to criticism.

"Everyone, myself as superintendent included, has the right to receive clear feedback about their performance where accountability is not a bad word. It allows for each of us to reflect, to change and improve what we do each and every day," she said.

Imbrunone tells ABC12 she hears the complaints and has been meeting with parents and other stakeholders.

After their meeting the school board went into closed session to discuss what they heard.

The district's administration has been criticized in the past for a lack of transparency; telling one couple who filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year that it would cost $77,000 to receive emails regarding their son.

Click the picture below to read Michelle Imbrunone's full statement.