Parking, traffic restrictions announced ahead of LPGA invitational

MIDLAND (WJRT) - (07/11/19) - The Midland Country Club will be hosting the first-ever Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational next week bringing thousands of people to the city.

Ahead of the LPGA tournament, the Midland Police Department is sharing the traffic and parking plan with community members.

There is no parking on several roads near the golf course, including Sugnet and W. St. Andrews. The complete list is below.

Midland Police, tournament officials and others have been preparing for the increase in traffic for more than a year.

"The main idea is to keep that area open, and to have vehicles parking in other locations," explained Sgt. Chris Wenzell.

Golf fans heading to the invitational will park at Dow Diamond and take a shuttle to the course.

"We want an easy access for emergency vehicles, for the tour buses that are coming in to drop people off, and we just want it to be safe in general," Sgt. Wenzell said.

Residents directly impacted by the parking and traffic restrictions have been notified.

Wenzell added that the traffic plan should keep things moving, but if people ignore the rules of the road they'll do what they have to if emergency vehicles can't get through. "The last thing we truly want to do is tow a vehicle or something like that for somebody that is visiting our town."

While the focus will be on the golf course where the LPGA teams will be competing, events are happening others places including downtown.

"Just be patient. If there's an increase in traffic and so forth, leave yourself a little extra time to get to the locations you're going to," Wenzell said.

The traffic and parking restrictions begin Monday, July 15 at 6 a.m. They end midnight on Saturday, July 20.

Parking restricted on both sides of the street:
- W. St. Andrews from Eastman to Saginaw
- W. Sugnet from Eastman to Saginaw
- Hillcrest from Sugnet to Saginaw
- Dyckman from Sugnet to Clover
- Noeske from Balfour to W. St. Andrews
- W. Nelson from Balfour to W. St. Andrews
- Crane from Eastman to end of court
- Hill from W. St. Andrews to end of court

Parking restricted on one side of the street:
- Helen from W. St. Andrews to Noeske (no parking on north side)
- Holyrood from Helen to Noeske (no parking on east side)

Road closures:
- Westbound lane of W. St. Andrews closed to thru traffic from Noeske to the entrance of the Midland Country Club for designated bus traffic only.
- No stopping, standing, or parking on W. St. Andrews in front of the Midland Country Club.

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