Partying teens accused of vandalism, joyriding at Mundy Township apartments

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MUNDY TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (6/11/2019) A part at a mid-Michigan motel early Friday morning led to a rash of car break-ins, according to the Metro Police Authority of Genesee County.

Chief Matthew Bade said someone made a post on social media. They were hosting a party at what's now the Imperial Inn at US-23 and Grand Blanc Road.

From there, he explained a group of 15 to 18-year-olds left and ran to the apartment complex across the street.

"They broke into cars, stealing items out of the cars, they broke into a garage, broke into a car inside a garage - found a can of spray paint, spray painted symbols on the car inside the garage. There's also another vehicle that they stole and just drove through the apartment complex and left it near the side.," Chief Bade said.

He explained all of the cars they got into were unlocked. The group even wore gloves, likely the Chief said, so they wouldn't leave fingerprints as they opened the doors.

The car they stole and took for a joy ride had the keys inside.

So far, Chief Bade said he's only aware of them stealing money -loose change - from inside the vehicles.

They were called to the Crystal Lake Apartment complex by someone who watched the group snoop around.

The Chief said when his officers arrived, the group ran into the nearby woods.

A K-9 was called in and five of them were eventually caught, admitting to what they did.

His officers are working with the Prosecutor's Office to determine charges.

"It's maddening, just senseless. You know, a lot of crimes are; but this is just, senseless, immature behavior that cost people a lot of aggravation and money," the Chief said.

If you live in the area and have noticed anything missing from your car, you're urged to call police.

And Chief Bade said this is another reminder to LOCK YOUR CAR and not leave valuables inside.

He said in almost 100-percent of the car break-in cases they handle - the car was unlocked.

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