Pastors in Flint react to "Flint Town" after watching all eight episodes

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (03/05/2018) - "Flintstones" who have had a chance to watch the entire Netflix series "Flint Town" weigh in on how the city is portrayed in the eight part series.

Netflix says the documentary reveals the day-to-day-struggle of policing one of America's poorest and most violent cities.

While they give the series kuddos for its fantastic production value, and attempt to accurately portray the challenges of policing with limited resources, both men say the film fails to provide solutions or even the possibility of a positive outcome.

"One thing it does very well is I think it showcases the tremendous task that our law enforcement have in this city," said Flint native Todd Korpi.

The documentary states that there are only 98 officers working in a city of 100,000 residents.

"I think a lot of honor needs to be given to our law enforcement for that kind of an undertaking," said Korpi,

"At the same time," he noted, "it doesn't wrestle with the complexity of some of the issues of systemic poverty."

Korpi, who moved to Flint four years ago with his wife to start a new church, says while the Netflix series does an excellent job of addressing the ongoing need in the city, he says it fails to showcase the good that's been happening here.

"We do know that what we've seen is accurate because it accurately happened, but its not the totality of Flint is," said Pastor Jeffrey Hawkins.

The Flint Pastor is no stranger to the violence seen in the documentary.

His 26-year old son Quantrell was murdered in 2010, and his 14-year old son Dairea was murdered in 2007. His killer has never been caught..

However Hawkins says he wanted the series to touch on more.

"I don't think just shedding a light on those things would somehow give people a better view of what we've always been known for, " Hawkins said, "somehow we have to be known for something better than that."

When asked if he was satisfied with the way in which the series ended after watching the eighth episode, Hawkins responded:

"There has to be a season 2. Just to show how they've made it and been successful during this time, what are some of the great stories that's happened."

Both Pastors watched all eight episodes over the weekend.

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