Peckham opens in Flint Township with 200 manufacturing jobs

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 11:18 PM EDT
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(9/6/2019) - A major development opened its doors in Flint Township Thursday.

Lansing-based Peckham Inc. is bringing about 200 new manufacturing jobs to the area. They cut the ribbon and welcome all their newest co-workers to more than 40,000-square-foot building on Linden Road.

The 200 workers, a majority of whom face barriers at work -- are breaking through those walls with new jobs at Peckham.

"So our goal here is to provide the right environment to encourage in people to invest in themselves and reaching their maximum potential,” Peckham Human Resources Officer Greta Wu said.

Justin Jolibiox is one of the many finding his full potential at Peckham. He was in a severe car crash and since then has been confined to a wheelchair. He finds himself in pain.

"They really do care about us as employees and our comfort ... and you need a better chair while you are working, they'll get you a better chair," Jolibiox said.

He needs a good chair because he checks the quality of the clothing. An important job because he'll be inspecting the clothes that are going to be worn by the men and women serving and protecting our country.

"Right now we are making cold weather underpants for the military," Jolibiox said.

Peckham plans on expanding later on and making other types of clothes for the army. He says this company has been great to work for.

"As long as you are a hard-working and you want to work and come about every day they will bend over backwards to accommodate your situation whatever it may be,” Jolibiox said.

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