People in Michigan head to the store to stock up on snow removal items

GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - (11/08/2018) - Snow is in the forecast, which means people are heading to their local hardware store to get snow removal items.

"This is starting that weather season where people are wanting to be able to remove snow as easy as possible," Don Mandeville said. He is the district manager of Home Depot." I really recommend using salt or calcium chloride because it works really well to help get rid of that ice."

He suggests to never wait until the big snowfall to stock up.

"It's always better to prepare early on because a couple of inches of snow early on in the season melts really quick, but if you get six to eight inches, it's hard to travel around, that's where sometimes it can be difficult to get trucks back in."

In order to better serve people, the company has a local buyer who watches the forecast on the daily.

"He orders merchandise for us based on the weather and we try to get that in early to get ahead of the customer's needs."

If a person is looking to prep their home, there are a few things they can do to get started.

"The shrink wrap for the windows is a great option to help keep the heat in and and the cold out and of course anything to help seal up around the door."

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