People in tornadoes' paths take quick action to avoid injuries

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (3/15/19) - Tornadoes swept through Shiawassee County quickly, leaving little time for those in their path to seek shelter.

Nobody was seriously injured or killed thanks to quick actions from residents in the path of the storm.

"The alerts came across my phone and I contacted my husband who was home and asked him to get my daughter who was across the street at her friend's house playing and bring her home because she is deathly afraid of storms," said Shelly Holderbaum from Bancroft.

Her daughter, Brianne Holderbaum, said she went to a neighbor's house with her uncle. He told them all to get down, so they huddled in a corner while the tornado raced by.

In Durand, Joey Stinson witnessed the tornado first-hand.

"I started watching the transformers blow, so I went inside and I started filming it," he said. "I really didn't think it would cause that much damage until it got close and I started hearing the windows shatter."

Stinson ran to his basement and hid for 30 seconds while the tornado shredded his house above him.

"I just heard shattering glass and some loud winds," he said.

When Stinson emerged from his basement, the tornado had torn off the roof of his house. But he's not stressing about it too much.

"I'm a business owner and my business is usually in Fenton or Brighton, so I've been driving from Durand all over the place," Stinson said. "I'm barely at home to be honest. I'm always crashing at my business partner's houses."

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