Pepper spray gets more potent in Michigan

Published: Apr. 4, 2018 at 4:46 PM EDT
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(04/04/18) - Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a new law allowing for the increase of Oleoresin Capsicum, the active ingredient in pepper spray, to increase from 10 to 18 percent.

Self defense experts say any way to deter an attacker is a good thing, including more potent pepper spray. But people shouldn't consider it a surefire defense in the face of an attack.

"The only way pepper spray, in my opinion, really works is if it's opened, turned on and you're walking to your car with it out," said Master John Lyle, owner of PKSA Karate in Davison.

He the best method of self defense involves being aware of surroundings at all times.

"So to all my ladies out there, stop talking on your phone when you're going from the grocery store or mall to your car, put it in your purse and walk like you're on a mission," Lyle said.

The change in potency now aligns Michigan law with 45 other states.