Pepsi thieves nabbed with help from Michigan State Police helicopter

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FLINT (WJRT) (6/13/2018) - A group of thieves broke into a Flint business last week, stealing hundreds of dollars in cash. When they returned this week, their haul was a bit unusual.

The employees of Super Starter Shop in Flint didn't want to be identified, but showed the damage three thieves did to their shop Tuesday night.

One of the workers explained this is the second time they've had a break-in in one week and they believe it's the same people because of how it was done.

He explained that both times, the thieves threw a rock through the glass in the door, leaving a hole in the wall. The first time they stole a couple hundred dollars, but this time they went after tastier but less valuable merchandise.

"We went through the building and everything was still here and then we noticed there was pop on the table and milk was sitting out," the worker said.

So, they opened the refrigerator. The only thing missing? Several cans of Pepsi. And he said Vernors cans were strewn around the floor of their shop.

"Doesn't bother me. I drink the water anyways," the man said.

While the theives were still inside Tuesday night, Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said police arrived, prompting the three to start running. So, the state police helicopter Trooper 3 assisted.

"They were able to get several heat signatures, showing the suspects fleeing from this scene. With being in contact with the troopers and officers on the ground, they were able to arrest two of the three suspects," he said.

Kaiser said without that technology, there's a good chance police might not have caught any suspects Tuesday night.

"If uncaught, they'd be out there again, doing the same thing to somebody else. Somebody else would be another victim," he said.

The store employee was grateful for help from the police.

"It's just getting kind of scary over here, but at least the cops are working," the worker added.

Kaiser said his troopers and the Flint Police Department were busy Tuesday night.

Hours earlier on Swayze Street in Flint, also in the dark, a man fired shots in the middle of the street. Kaiser said when police arrived the 43-year-old ran into a stranger's home with his 9 millimeter handgun.

Police were able to track him inside and arrest him on scene.

"This is just one great example of the coordinated effort we have with the Flint City Police Department and how working together we're taking these felons and guns off the street," he said.

All three suspects have been lodged at the Flint City Lockup.

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