Perjury proven, accused Merrill Hood Gang member set free

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FLINT (WJRT) (7/11/2019) - "This is my rock right here, you know, This -- is all I got It's a blessing," Bobby Younger said of his mother.

He told ABC12 Thursday his family hasn't left his side as he's fought to prove he had an unfair trial.

A jury convicted the now-37-year-old of 5 felony charges, including two counts of assault with intent to murder, in connection to a shooting in September 2004.

"Mr. Younger was allegedly associated with the Merrill Hood Gang and three members of the Pierson Hood Gang testified against him at his trial. Years later, we discovered that their testimony was perjured," Attorney David Moffitt said .

He explained the three witnesses told the jury they weren't part of any gang and had no issues with Younger; but years later, the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office would find out those statements were false.

"Some years later, we find out, while we're involved in the Pierson Hood Gang investigation," Prosecutor David Leyton said. "But she, at that time, doesn't then remember all those years before -- that that was the testimony at Mr. Younger's trial, nor could anybody expect her too because she probably had 10-15, maybe 20 trials in between."

It was confirmed by Moffit's research team in a letter to the Prosecutor in January of this year.

"My Conviction Integrity Process kicked in and we ended up with this resolution, which I think is fair and just," Leyton said.

Younger was released Thursday morning on time served, just 12 years of his sentence, which was 32 to 50 years.

But, the Michigan Department of Corrections reports his time in prison wasn't perfect. He had 42 misconducts, including smuggling, substance abuse, theft, fighting and possessing a contraband cellphone.

"This is what we decided was appropriate and fair and just. Hopefully we won't see Mr. Younger again in the criminal courts," Leyton added.

"God blessed me, gave me another chance, another shot, you know. I got to do something with it," Younger said.

Younger plans to move out of the state and spend time with his family, especially his 1-year-old grandchild.

The charges cannot be re-filed against him; but, Younger can now appeal his conviction.

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