Pet grooming businesses reopening make for happy tails

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 4:59 PM EDT
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(06/04/2020) -- Pet grooming businesses have reopened statewide, making for plenty of happy tails.

"The phone is non-stop. We've been able to schedule 16 dogs today, get them in, get them cleaned up," Said Amy Peiffer, who owns Happy Tails Grooming and Day Care in Flint off Bristol Road.

It's been 10 weeks since Peiffer was legally allowed to make her living.

"People are comfortable. People don't have a lot of fears coming in. They want to get back to normal just as much as we want to get back to normal."

But what is normal anymore? Peiffer said she's still taking many precautions including only allowing 1 person in the lobby at a time.

Happy Tails also offers curbside pickup, the use of masks by employees, hand sanitizer and frequent sanitizing of surfaces inside the business.

It's a world of a difference from just 3 months ago.

"This is our livelihood. We've been here 20 years this year and it was exciting and then all of a sudden it was put to a halt, and no income."

Peiffer said it's a great sign business is booming on this first day.

The dogs have been cooped up at home getting shaggy and more than likely their nails are long.

And chances are you or someone you know probably tried playing dog groomer themselves during the stay home order.

"We've seen some really unique home haircuts and we do our best to congratulate them and tell them not to quit their day job."

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