Pets not recommended as presents for the holidays

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BURTON (WJRT) - (12/10/2018) - You see it in movies and on commercials, that cute puppy with a big red bow around its neck being given to a loved one on Christmas. But holidays may not be the best time to surprise someone with a pet as a gift.

Lin Holmes, team lead of adoptions at the Humane Society of Genesee County says often it's not even what the person being gifted truly wants. And while it's fun surprising someone with Christmas morning, it should be more of an investment.

"We say to include the family member or the person you're looking to, or hoping to get an animal for,” said Holmes. “We always have them bring that person in”

Some shelters see animal wounding up back at the shelter as a result to holiday gift giving. Holmes said thankfully Genesee County doesn’t have that issue.

Bringing the person you're getting the pet for into the conversation will help make sure that they're prepared enough for the new addition to their family.

Holmes says there's more to adoption then just picking the animal you think they may want and it can be a big commitment.

"What you might think is a great gift to be able to give for someone,” said Holmes. “You're also having them take on a financial responsibility on top of that. And sometimes if it's a dog or puppy there is a big time that they have to actually invest in that animal themselves."

They recommend adopting a pet for someone after the holidays wind down and you have more time to commit to the animal.

The Humane Society also offers gift cards to give for the holidays to surprise a loved one, so they can come in and pick out their pet when they are ready.

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