Pharmacy theft ring suspected of robbing VG's in Genesee Township

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (3/13/2019) - Police believe a "professional" ring of pharmacy thieves struck again early Tuesday in Genesee Township.

Two men robbed the pharmacy inside VG's grocery store at 7461 N. Genesee Road just after 3 a.m., according to the Genesee Township Police Department.

Police say the thieves made off with large amounts of controlled substances in pill form in only three minutes. Genesee Township Police Chief John Mullaly said the break-in is similar to several others.

Investigators are not releasing surveillance footage from the VG's robbery.

The same group of thieves is suspected of breaking into the Union Pharmacy in Mt. Morris on Feb. 14.

Mt. Morris City Police Chief Keith Becker said a newer dark-colored Ford F-150 pulled up to the pharmacy on Saginaw Street. Two masked thieves hopped out and pried open the door with a long yellow crow bar just after 11:30 p.m. Feb. 14.

Two thieves made it in and went straight for the cabinet of narcotics in the back. They knocked off the lock and filled a garbage bag with 87 different kinds of narcotics, like Adderall, morphine and OxyContin.

The three suspects got away two minutes later after the driver flashed his headlights to get the two inside moving. Becker said their loot is worth $25,000.

The group of thieves is suspected of committing a similar smash and grab robbery overnight at a Walgreens in Saginaw Township last August. Then in December, new photos show a similar crew breaking into a pharmacy in Flint.

On Feb. 19, Becker said the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office reported a similar incident at a pharmacy in Kimball. There could be at least two more they're responsible for across the state.

Anyone who recognizes the thieves or have seen their vehicle is urged to call police.