Picketers protest lack of progress in contract talks

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (05/22/17) - The Teamsters staged an informational picket Monday afternoon to protest the lack of a contract with a Grand Blanc Township medical facility.

Teamsters Local 332 represents about 80 workers at Genesee Care Center on Holly Road. They haven't had a contract for 18 months.

"They're very anti-worker, anti-union. The workers tell us it's deplorable working conditions inside. The resident care is poor and they're informing us they're having trouble with staffing," said Nina Bugbee, Teamsters Local 322 president.

Members of the Teamsters and others who support their cause stood along Holly Road with picket signs. They say they have hit a brick wall when it comes to negotiating a new contract with the owners of Genesee Care Center.

They blame part of the trouble on an attorney who has boasted that the union will never get a contract until members give in to all of his demands. The Genesee Care Center, which provides short-term rehab for patients, says they are disappointed the Teamsters feel the need to hold a demonstration. They say they remain committed to negotiating a contract that is fair to employees and ensures the highest standards of care.

The Teamsters say they need to see progress at the negotiating table.

"We are frustrated," said Christ Cates, Teamsters Local 332 secretary-treasurer.

The Teamsters say they will picket again if progress isn't made in contract talks.

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