Pictures of Hope: See what homeless Flint children are hoping for the most

FLINT (WJRT) (11/14/2017) - During the holiday season, many people fret over cooking the perfect turkey and finding just the right presents.

But some children have bigger worries: Where will they sleep? When will they eat again? That's especially true in Flint, which was judged the poorest city in America by the U.S. Census Bureau this fall.

One woman is on a mission to find out what those children are hoping for by giving a group of Flint children something to help capture their dreams. The result is a set of holiday cards that remind us all what really matters.

Children at the Shelter of Flint who have nothing are being asked to do something life changing: Wish, dream and believe. Their hopes and dreams don't sound like most children's, but they have spent most of their young lives going without what most of us take for granted.

This is the fourth year award-winning photographer Linda Solomon has come to Flint to help shine a light on the dreams of homeless children. She puts a camera in each of their hands and gives them an assignment -- photograph their dreams.

With their heroes as back up, the children find the courage to take pictures of their hopes and dreams. Then they wait to see what develops.

Their pictures of hope show us all that with the right eye we can find beauty and hope all around us even during the darkest times.

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