Piling snow in the road is illegal

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (02/12/18) - It's something you might not think much about, but piling your snow in the wrong place could cost you.

Under section 257.677a (click on the 'Related Link' with this story) of the Michigan Vehicle Code it is illegal to pile up snow in the road or shoulder of the road.

"It is law, it's a civil infraction. But you know property owners sometimes are not aware of it, and we'll typically go and stop and let them know that they're doing something wrong," said Dennis Borchard, managing director at the Saginaw County Road Commission.

Borchard said not only can those piles make it difficult for drivers to see creating a safety issue, they create extra work for road crews who then have to clear away snow that wasn't originally on the road. As a result, snow removal is delayed for everyone.

The piles can become dangerous too.

If they ice over and you hit the pile with your car it's going to do a lot of damage.

So when you're clearing away all of our recent snow the right thing to do is push it back away from the road and into your yard.

"You don't know what you're throwing out into that road way, that vehicle comes by, you could strike that vehicle with a stone or a rock. Typically those chutes should be going to the side of your driveway instead of straight forward to the roadway," Borchard said.

If you are ticketed under the law it could cost you up to $100 and/or 90 days in jail.

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