POW: Pink Heals Tour brings smiles to Mid-Michigan

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - (08/16/17) - The Pink Heals fire truck was plain pink when the tour started June 15, but now, it's covered in signatures from every stop they've made across the country, including several in Grand Blanc these past few days.

"To see the face that he's gonna make, it's truly amazing," said tour driver Justin Cook.

Dressed in his pink firefighting gear, Cook drove one of the Pink Heals Tour's special trucks, headed to surprise 14-year-old Robert Oetting.

This surprise stop is one of hundreds the tour volunteers are making across the country over the next few months.

Robert is in remission after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in February 2016. He's considered cancer free, but still returns to the hospital every three months for blood work and a five-hour MRI.

"He actually has led us through the journey with his strength most of the way," said his mom, Lisa Oetting. "Very strong in faith and a lot of friends and we've had a lot of fabulous people that have entered our lives, much like this opportunity today where you don't feel like you deserve it, but it happens."

"Remember, you're not alone. Look at that fire truck, there's a lot of signatures there. Your signature is gonna travel across America with us and visit people just like yourself going through hard times," Cook told Robert.

Feeling a bit emotional, Robert says the surprise was encouraging.

"I'm not really alone and there's a lot of people," he said. "I just wrote #BertStrong 'cause that's kind of what the tagline was for just going through this...in hindsight, it's kind of crazy that I beat it."

The Grand Blanc Fire Department helped set up Wednesday's meeting and plans to continue to support Robert as he pursues his dreams.

The Pink Heals tour also stopped by to see McKenna Schummer in Grand Blanc.

The 9 year old was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of bone cancer.

Her supporters call themselves "McKenna's Squad".

The Pink Heals Tour is now headed to Saginaw to continue their surprises.

All of the people involved are volunteers. There are over 220 pink fire trucks in the UK, Mexico and the United States. The drivers typically take two-week shifts, but Cook is actually on day 31 right now.

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