Polar plungers brave the New Year in chilly temperatures

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AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The winds are calm and the water is still at South Carolina's Aiken State Park. But a handful of brave souls like Patrick Muse are here, towels in hand, to change that.

"Well, I have my friend that I went to high school with who called me and asked me if I'd do something for her. And I said, 'Sure, anything.' So this is it! The Polar Plunge."

A chilly start to the New Year and Patrick wouldn't have it any other way.
"I didn't hesitate. If I did, I might have stopped and thought about it. But it's been kind of on my bucket list for a while, too. You kind of have to psych yourself up for it. It's not mental, it's not a physical thing that's going to hurt you. Just brace yourself and do it!"

The coldest temperatures of the season not enough to stop folks like Patrick's friend and first-time Polar Plunger Judy Hall.

"I didn't really give it much thought, just had to do it, right?" Hall said. "But it was painfully cold though, it was cold."

Not enough to stop one man from jumping in again during an interview with the two.

"I've always wanted to do it. I have an adventurous streak. I always thought it would be a blast that it would be hilarious and it was," she said.

"I want to move onto something warmer now," said Muse.

The cold will eventually thaw, but they say the laughs will last a lifetime.
"Oh, I thought it was great. I will never forget this, this was super fun."
"It didn't kill us, we're still living and breathing and I think everyone else ought to try it too. Yeah! Just once, just one of those things [to try] one time," said Hall.

This is the fifth year the state park has had it but I can't believe anyone would decide to do this more than once.

They hold it every New Year’s Day and costs just two dollars for the hike and plunge.

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