Police: 4-year-old fighting for his life, likely abused for some time

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FLINT (WJRT) (4/29/2019) - A 4-year-old Flint boy is fighting for his life.

Michigan State Police say a man related to him is in custody.

The investigation brought police to the River Village Apartments in Flint.

Lt. Duane Zook of the Michigan State Police believes his family lives here.

"He has some brain trauma and some other trauma as well from what it appears, in different areas of his body, which would be consistent with abuse," he explained.

Lt. Zook said the 4-year-old has scrapes, cuts and bruises on his head, face, back, fingers and arms. He also has a burn on one of his hands and possibly a broken back.

Because some of the wounds are healing, Lt. Zook believes the abuse has been ongoing for some time.

"We're not exactly sure how the abuse occurred, what happened, it's still under investigation," he added.

He explained the boy was taken to Hurley Medical Center Sunday by a family member. The Hospital called police.

Because his injuries are so severe, the boy was transported to U of M Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he is currently in the ICU.

When asked, what the likelihood is of the child surviving, Lt. Zook answered, "That is unknown. He's currently at one of the best hospitals that we have here in the state; and hopefully, they can assist with helping him pull through this."

And he added a reminder during this child abuse awareness month -- you're a child's best advocate. Speak up.

"So we can conduct an investigation. Because you could be the lifeline essentially for that child," he said.

The man is expected to be charged in the next few days.

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