Police: Joshua Rosebush had help during 11-hour run after shooting officer

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (1/23/2019) - For nearly 12 hours and more than 100 miles, Joshua Rosebush ran from police through three Mid-Michigan counties Tuesday.

Michigan State Police say it started on Tittabawassee Road, where the 29-year-old is believed to have shot Saginaw Township Police Officer Jeff Koenig in the face.

From there, police said he switched getaway cars, stealing a white AIS Construction equipment truck from just a few miles away on Liberty Road in Kochville Township.

He drove that truck to Flint Township, dumping it in the Home Depot parking lot on Corunna Road.

Unsure of where he was headed, police searched any and all known addresses of nearby friends and relatives, including a house just around the corner on Linden Road.

Police said it turned out Rosebush had hopped in the car with either a friend or stranger near the Home Depot. That driver dropped him off in Burton, just a few blocks away from the Speedway gas station on Bristol Road at I-475.

It's not clear if the driver knew Rosebush was a wanted man.

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Police said Rosebush then walked to the gas station, where he stole a white commercial van, which he allegedly drove for nearly a half hour before a Shiawassee County sheriff detective caught up to him.

"If I was not paying attention, I would've run right into him," Wes Werner said.

He was on his way back from lunch, headed to work at Contractor's Repair, when he watched Rosebush and the detective speed through the four-way stop at Woodbury and Lansing roads.

"The cops come from every direction right after I got in here," he said.

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Less than half a mile down Woodbury Road, police said Rosebush got out his gun. But, the detective got the first shot, hitting him where Rosebush hit Koenig -- in the face.

Because Rosebush is a parole absconder, he can be held for some time on that until he's charged on the multiple crimes he's believed to have committed Tuesday.

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