Man suspected of leaving porn on women’s windshields takes his own life

Published: Mar. 27, 2017 at 11:29 PM EDT
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UPDATE: (03/29/17) - The Isabella County sheriff has reported an end to a pornography case we reported this week.

The sheriff says a man in his late 60's was identified after the release of surveillance video.

Investigators say the man was placing porn on young women's cars while they shopped at big box stores in and around Mt. Pleasant.

After being contacted by investigators, the sheriff says the man had a conversation with his family, then left and took his own life.


(03/27/17) - A CMU student was one of the most recent victims.

Her post went viral and the Isabella County Sheriff's Office says that resulted in more women calling in to report similar incidents. Some that date back a few years and expand beyond Isabella County.

The Sheriff explained in most instances, you walk into the store and he's already been watching.

Police haven't been able to identify the man, yet; but say he gets out of his car to place items like, a pornographic DVD and a handwritten note with a drawing, on your windshield.

Before you return to your car, he's a parking spot away in a silver Chevy Traverse, watching how you react.

But, Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main says after watching the surveillance footage from two incidents this past week, it's clear the man doesn't approach the women.

"I'm concerned that it, you know, it certainly could escalate to something else," he said. "Right now, it doesn't appear that that's occurred, so you know, it's imperative that we identify this person and get it stopped."

Since the incident became public, Sheriff Main says the total number of victims has risen to 10 women, all between age 17 to their mid-twenties.

Not all have happened in the same area, there was one in Manistee County and one in Grandville.

And not all happened recently. One incident dates back to 2013.

But, the Sheriff says each incident is eerily similar and each has happened in a box store parking lot.

"As far as the drawings and the same thing that was written on the napkins or the tissues, whatever it is, is exactly the same. So it kind of points back to one person," the Sheriff said.

The Sheriff added you should always be vigilant, looking up from your phone and staying aware of your surroundings.

And if you're scared or need help, ask the store security or call police.

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