Flushing police arrest 3 people accused of damaging close to two dozen vehicles

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FLUSHING (WJRT) (6/4/2018) - UPDATE: The Flushing Police Department announced the arrests of three suspects accused of damaging nearly two dozen vehicles early Sunday.

The suspects' identities were not released, because they had not been arraigned Monday morning.

(6/3/2018) - Flushing police say at least 20 vehicles were shot out early Sunday morning.

One victim says the holes seemed to be the size of a BB gun.

"There were two little holes in my window,” Felicia Riley said.

Her SUV now has a shattered window with glass in and around her car.

"Without this vehicle, I don't have another vehicle to get myself to work,” she told ABC 12.

She wasn't the only victim on the 400 block of Deland Rd. because her neighbor's truck was also hit.

Flushing Police are tracking the person responsible for damaging vehicles all over the city.

But Riley needs a way to get her family of six around until her SUV can get into a shop.

“My husband has his little car that gets him to and from work, but you can't fit a family of six in a five seater car,” she said.

Riley says what's been the most devasting, how much money it'll take to fix the window. Something the family simply can't afford to pay without disappointing her oldest son.

"We had been saving it for his birthday party, so we have the money to pay for it. But how do you tell a six-year-old that 'sorry dude the money we saved for your birthday is now replacing this window,'” Riley said.

Riley has one message to the person who shot up her SUV.

“I hope you had your fun out of it because we are stuck cleaning up the mess and paying the consequences,” she said.

Flushing police say there could be more victims of this case.

If you or know someone who was hit, call the police.

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