Police chase ends with deadly crash into semi trailer in St. Johns

Photo by WILX in Lansing
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ST. JOHNS (WILX) (1/8/2019) - The Clinton County Sheriff's Office is investigating a car chase that resulted with a deadly crash into a semi trailer on Old U.S. 27.

The crash happened at around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday when deputies attempted to stop a vehicle near Taft Road. The driver is believed to be a man wanted for outstanding felony warrants, according to police.

Investigators say he posed an imminent threat to himself and others.

He pulled over initially but then sped off northbound. The pursuit lasted two minutes, according to a press release.

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Deputies and officers from the St. Johns Police Department attempted to stop him using stop sticks, but they were unsuccessful.

The chase ended when the man drove into the back of a semi-truck traveling northbound, according to the release. Witnesses say the driver should have had enough time to go around the semi but drove into it, instead.

The driver of the car died on the scene while the truck driver did not report any injuries.

St. Johns Police Chief David Kirk said officers are working to get a vehicle out from underneath the semi trailer it crashed into.

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