Police have 'seen and unseen' eyes keeping you safe at Back to the Bricks

Published: Aug. 17, 2018 at 5:14 PM EDT
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(8/17/2018) - University of Michigan Flint's Department of Public Safety has joined Flint Police inside their newly created Intel Center. The site is serving as the police command center for the Back to the Bricks events.

"We're prepared. We have a lot of eyes both seen and unseen paying attention," D/Sgt. Tyrone Booth with Flint Police said.

He explained they want everyone attending and participating in the Back to the Bricks events this weekend to feel comfortable.

"We'll have both fully uniformed, as well as plain clothes individuals, in the crowd. In the area, we are monitoring by camera systems throughout the downtown area; and, we'll have a variety of different services, traffic points covered. There'll be officers on pretty much every corner that you walk by," Booth said.

There are other safety measures in place he can't talk about, too.

"We always try to look deep in terms of what possibilities exist when we talk about disruption because of our current events throughout the world. We do take a strong look," he explained.

And, Booth said, they need everyone's cooperation to keep the area safe. Drivers are asked to remember to obey traffic laws.

"As they normally would, including no burnouts or spinouts or anything like that, because there are pedestrians in the downtown area. We expect it to be heavily populated in terms of pedestrian traffic and we don't want to see anyone get injured," Booth said.

And, there is a curfew in place for kids under the age of 17. Unless they're with an adult, they cannot be in downtown Flint between 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

"They can be arrested for that violation and taken into the station; and then, processing including contacting parents and some other resources that we put in place," Booth said.

If you have any concerns while you're at the event this weekend, you're urged to find a uniformed officer or call 911.