Police recognize random act of kindness

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SAGINAW TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (06/12/19) - It's a good deed that didn't go unnoticed.

The random act of kindness made such an impression the Saginaw Township Police Department shared it on their Facebook page.

The good samaritans later identified themselves as brothers Derek and Jeff Perkins.

They ended up helping a stranger after getting stuck in traffic at the corner of Shattuck Road and Center Road.

"I came up behind it, I couldn't figure out why the traffic hold up and the three lights I wasted," said Jeff Perkins.

As they got closer they saw the problem. A car was stopped in the turn lane and had its flashers on.

The brothers assumed the car had broken down.

"We were actually getting ready to get out and push the car, is what happened. And then we found out it was gas and that's an easy fix," Jeff Perkins said.

"Luckily we had some gas and we filled him up, he got up and he was gone," said Derek Perkins.

The brothers had gas on their trailer as the recently started a lawn care business called, "Grounded".

At the time they were headed to Wohlfiels after a rough start to their day.

"We had two of my small mowers break and you know starting a business it's all costly," Jeff Perkins said.

But after this brief encounter, with an elderly man who they believe was a Korean War veteran, their day got better.

They were able to buy their new lawnmower, then the Saginaw Township Police Department shared their random act of kindness with everyone on Facebook.

At their next job site word had started to spread.

"Said, 'hey, is this you guys? Saginaw Township, black truck, red trailer'," Jeff Perkins said.

They feel grateful to have put a smile on the faces of many and honored to help a veteran.

"It's amazing that we go recognized for doing something I'm sure anybody should do," Derek Perkins said.

"We'd do it all over again, every day. If everybody could do just one little thing. I mean it might not get recognized, and usually it doesn't, but at the right time when it does, obviously it's huge," Jeff Perkins said.

Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl said they deserve the recognition. "It's a nice story to get out to the public to show, hey there are people out in this world willing to help others in their time of need. And paying it forward, more or less."

Here is what the post from the STPD said:

"We would like to thank the lawn care guys in a black truck with red trailer, no logo on truck, that was traveling west on Shattuck near Center today about 1:45. They stopped and help the older gentlemen that was stranded in the left turn lane out of gas. They grabbed one of their gas cans and helped send him on his way. All our officers were tied up on calls, so we greatly appreciated it! Great job!"

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