Police warn against fear from fake reports of active shooters in Michigan

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) (8/6/2019) - With the back-to-back mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, police in Michigan are reminding everyone that accurate information is key to preventing fear.

Police in several Michigan cities, including Detroit and Lansing, were inundated with social media posts with false allegations of active shooters.

"During a time where the county is mourning the loss of scores of innocent people, due to recent mass shootings, spreading false information such as this is malicious, it's reckless and irresponsible," the Detroit Police Department posted on social media.

It reminds everyone, unless you hear it from police, it's not true.

Lansing police responded to a homicide in the 500 block of Pine Street late Wednesday, where three people were shot and a 17-year-old boy died.

However, other reports of shootings around the city were not confirmed. Posts on social media also referenced active shooters in Battle Creek, which police also could not confirm.