Poll: Michigan Democrats more concerned with beating President Trump than policies

Published: Mar. 9, 2020 at 6:10 PM EDT
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(3/9/2020) - Both Democrat front runners are hoping Michigan will help them secure a solid lead in the race to get the nomination.

All eyes are on the state ahead of Tuesday's primary vote.

ABC12 wanted to know how you're planning to vote, so we commissioned a poll to find out.

From March 4 to 6, after the Super Tuesday results came in, EPIC-MRA spoke with 400 Michigan voters about which box they'll check in Tuesday's primary.

The results show former Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to be the winner in Michigan. The exclusive ABC12 EPIC-MRA poll shows he has 51% of the vote to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' 27%. The poll has a 4.9% margin of error.

Even if all 13% of undecided voters swing to Sanders, he's still polling behind Biden.

One interesting thing the poll shows is voters aren't concerned about the issues, they just want a candidate that will beat President Donald Trump.

ABC12's EPIC-MRA poll shows only 34% of the voters polled care if the Democratic candidate they vote for shares their views. But 57% of voters are checking the box next to the candidate they believe will beat the president in November.

Poll participant Khaled Khirfan said he's voting for Sanders because he believes where Sanders stands on the issues will be why he beats Trump.

"I think both parties have done a disservice to Bernie Sanders marketing him as you know, maybe too leftist or his ideas are too extreme and he can't really compete with Trump," Khirfan said. "But really, if you sit down and look at his policies and his, his information and how he presents it and how it all makes sense, he's very very competitive and he seems to be genuine in his, his attempt to to serve the people."

But, EPIC MRA pollster Bernie Porn said of the 400 Michigan voters polled, only 21% are in favor of Sanders’ Medicare for All plan.

"You have a lot of union members in Michigan who have fought to negotiate health care proposals or health care benefits. And to think that they would have to give up those benefits and have to go to Medicare for All, I think having a pause about that," Porn said.

He said that might explain why Biden has only a 12% unfavorable rating, compared to Sanders' 25%.

Porn expects when it comes down to November, Trump will continue to target Sanders as a socialist and that will turn Democratic voters away from him.

Khirfan said even if Biden does win the nomination, he'll check the box next to his name.

Looking forward to November, Porn is already predicting Michigan will go blue with a Democrat win.