Pollster: President Trump faces uphill battle to win Michigan in 2020

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(5/17/2019) - One Michigan pollster is convinced Michigan will go blue again during the 2020 elections.

Mnuchin's rejection of the subpoena had been expected. Earlier Friday, Neal had said, "We will likely proceed to court as quickly as next week." (Source: MGN Online)

President Donald Trump will likely be the Republicans' choice for their presidential candidate in 2020.

"He will be opposed, but it is unlikely anyone will defeat him," said EPIC-MRA pollster Bernie Porn. "He has a solid base of support and the problem for the president is that he only tries to appeal to his base. He is not appealing to independent voters and he is actually going out of his way to offend Democrats."

The president's approval rating has increased. Porn said the average of polls across the country is between 44 percent and 46 percent.

But he says as more of the Mueller Report is revealed that could change. While the economy is improving, Porn believes it's not helping everyone.

"Yes there are more jobs, yes the pay is going up somewhat, but the cost of education and the cost of healthcare far outweigh positive things that are happening in terms of the amount of pay that has increased," he said. "Middle class, they've been stacked the past three decades in terms of their incomes and that has come to really cause those voters, I think, to be anywhere from angry to just depressed or upset."

In Michigan, Porn's latest survey shows only 31 percent of self-identifying Republicans will definitely re-elect President Trump. That is just one reason why he thinks the state will vote blue in 2020.

"I think just the perception of voters in Michigan about his behavior and certainly when you look at what transpired in the 2018 election, where Democrats were elected for all of the top of the ticket ballot positions," Porn said.

What could change that over the next 18 months?

"President Trump is able to, for example, convince voters that any of the Democrats coming out will be a socialist or will be any other negative attribute that he tries to apply to them," Porn said. "Because he is very, very effective in terms of his communications, especially on Twitter -- unlike any president in history."