Possible serial arsonist setting fires around Old Town Saginaw this fall

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (10/18/2017) - Fire investigators are looking to a series of intentionally set fires around Saginaw's Old Town neighborhood dating back to Sept. 17.

This box truck in Old Town Saginaw burned in a fire that investigators believe was intentionally set.

A business' surveillance camera captured footage of a possible suspect on Tuesday not far from where a box truck burned. That fire was reported around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The surveillance footage shows a person riding a bike, stopping by a trash can, riding behind a building, riding across the street and going near the truck. A few minutes later, smoke and flames erupt from the truck.

The Saginaw Fire Department quickly extinguished the fire, which didn't cause any injuries. Investigators believe that fire and another reported around 11 a.m. Wednesday in a nearby vacant bar were intentionally set.

"Investigation of the area found that one of the buildings behind Jake's that they are currently converting into lofts or something had a fire in the porch area," Saginaw Fire Battalion Chief Tom Raines said of the Wednesday fire.

The fire was the seventh fire since Sept. 17 that is being investigated. While this one has not been ruled arson yet, investigators believe the other six, including the truck fire, were intentionally set.

Fire investigators say a person matching the description seen in the surveillance video from the truck fire -- the person riding the bike with a purple hat on -- was seen in the other areas where the arsons took place.

The alleged arsonist appears to be targeting have been mainly cars, along with a couple structures. Raines is asking everyone in the area to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

"This time of year, anyway, around Halloween, we ask the public to look around, and if there is something they feel uneasy with or they think there is a situation where the fire department is needed, call us," he said.