Potholes already digging into Genesee County Road Commission's budget

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (2/16/2018) - It's a pothole paradise, but according to the Genesee County Road Commission there's only so much they can do when winter just doesn't want to cooperate.

"We know the inevitable is going to happen," says co-Interim Manager-Director Anthony Branch.

The inevitable being hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in damages to vehicles due to what people are calling Michigan's finest.

"We've spent a lot more money this year than in the past five or six years," Branch said.

The up-and-down temperatures only continue to create more potholes, which can't just be left sitting there, according to the road commission.

"We try to stay on top of them as much as we can between snowstorms," Branch said.

Road crews use two different kinds of patches on potholes: Hot patch and cold patch.

"Cold patch is what we typically use during the winter months," he says. "Its' a mixture of an emulsion, tar liquid and stones."

But the downfall with a cold patch: As soon as another round of moisture comes it disintegrates, creating another pothole. Cold patch also is much more expensive than a hot patch.

"Way more, maybe a little more than double," Branch said.

However, because of the weather, a hot patch just won't work during this time of the year. With how much winter weather we've gotten this year, already the budget for summer projects is looking bleak.

According to the Genesee County Road Commission it doesn't take a big pot hole to cause damages so they're always our searching for areas they can put money into for repairs.

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