Potty training accident preceded beating; Kimora Simon's father pleads guilty

Published: Jun. 12, 2018 at 6:24 PM EDT
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(6/12/2018) - The father of a 2.5-year-old girl beaten to death confessed to helping kill her.

Khairy Simon, who is Kimora's father, took a plea deal that means he likely won't serve life in prison. However, he will be required to testify in court against Kimora's mother.

Khairy Simon was originally facing five criminal charges, three of which carry a life sentence.

Simon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in a Genesee County courtroom on Tuesday, along with a misdemeanor charge of removing a dead body without the medical examiner's permission.

The murder charge could result in life in prison, but the prosecutor is asking he get the lighter side of the sentence.

Simon and Kimora's mother, Erika Finley, were charged in December 2016 with their daughter's death.

Simon confessed Tuesday that in May of that year they were trying to potty train Kimora. He explained when it wasn't working, they physically punished her to correct her accidents.

Simon said Finley hit her numerous times with both a closed fist and an extension cord. The toddler died from their beating.

Simon said Finley put Kimora's body in a garbage bag and stuffed it into a backpack. He dug a hole by the railroad tracks near their Flint home and buried her.

Kimora's body has never been found, even though Simon led investigators to the area where he buried her multiple times.

No one knew Kimora had died until December, when her brother's teacher started asking questions.

"I tried. I tried to stop her, but she's domineering," Simon told the judge. "She's much bigger than me. And at that time, she felt like she had to get her point across."

With today's plea deal, Simon will take the stand in the case against Kimora's mother this October. Simon will be sentenced in July.