Prized AA ring lost in Clio: Can you help find it?

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CLIO (WJRT) (6/27/2019) - Stephanie Roberts said she lost the ring on Saturday night, June 21st, while attending the carnival at the Clio Fireman's Park.

It belonged to her fiancé, Billy.

"He was a success story. He had some years of turmoil and time in prison; and when he got out, he really turned his life around," Roberts said.

She explained Billy devoted his life to the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step lifestyle.

"He was an inspiration to a lot of people and everybody just loved him to death," she added.

Billy passed last September.

Roberts was given his AA ring to remember him by.

"He got that piece of jewelry as a reminder of his connection with his higher power and why he continues to stay sober," she explained. "It's a gold ring, like a goldish color. It's from the AA. it says "To thine own self be true.""

She was wearing it on a chain around her neck Saturday night, as she has every day since Billy passed; but she said, it somehow fell off.

"I had got on somebody's back to go through the mud and it must've fallen off there," Roberts explained.

She said her group of friends took a break from the carnival to grab flashlights and sift through the mud that night.

"We told the band that it was missing, so they could announce it over the microphone; and I cried for a little while, and I kept it moving. We are not a glum lot. So we just tried to continue to have fun," she said.

We reached out to the organizer who said he also walked the entire grounds with a few others earlier this week, but no luck.

"I do feel hopeless," Roberts said.

If you happen to find the ring, you can call Roberts at (810) 449 - 4834.

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