Project Imagination's November Visit was to St. Paul School in Owosso.

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Chris Mulcahy had the privilege of traveling to Owosso to meet a great group of kids at St. Paul School as a part of his November visit for Project Imagination! It was a great honor to share his Children’s Book “Have you ever heard of a Dweazle” with this inquisitive bunch. The goal of Project Imagination is encourage kids to dream big with an active imagination while inspiring them to keep reading and writing! Chris Mulcahy says “This group of 40 kids [ranging from pre-school to 2nd grade] were an absolute joy and I know each and every one of them will go far in life.” After he was done reading, ABC12 gave a copy of his book to every student and ABC12 would like to do the same for your school. Please go to and sign up your classroom! Chris will be drawing who is up next for his December visit after Thanksgiving on First at Four. Chris will keep you updated on First at Four and on Facebook once the date draws closer.