Propane tanks, race cars inside burning Mt. Morris Township barn

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MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (01/13/18) - Mt. Morris Township firefigthers had to move fast to remove propane tanks stored inside a barn.

The fire broke out Saturday afternoon inside a barn in the 3000 block of O'Leary Road.

In addition to the tanks, Fire Chief Rick Johnson said the homeowner had race cars and other vehicles inside.

It took his crew about a half-hour to put out the flames.

During that time most of what was in the barn was destroyed.

It was a tough day for the firefighters who were dealing with two extremes: intense flames and below-freezing temperatures.

"These guys are freezing up bad. When it has affected them they get wet and frozen and soemtimes they have to get into the truck because they can't really move and they have to unthaw themselves," Johnson said.

Johnson said it's too early to know what sparked the fire.

He added in the past month his crew has been recieveing more calls than normal.

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