Proposal 2: A closer look

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FLINT (WJRT) (10/10/18) -- In just a few short weeks, Michigan voters will ultimately decide how legislative districts are drawn in the state. Right now, the process, known as gerrymandering is in control of lawmakers.
But Proposal 2 looks to change how those lines are drawn.

"Gerrymandering is basically drawing election districts to favor one party or another, and the bottom line is both parties do it, depending how you draw the lines, you can help elect more democrats or more republicans," said political analyst Paul Rozycki.

And those districts or lines are set in place for 10 years.
But if proposal 2 is passed, that will no longer be the case.

"It would create an independent commission, composed of some democrats, some republicans and some independent voters and they would have the power to draw the election districts for the next decade," Rozycki said.

4 democrats, 4 republicans and 4 independents to be exact, making for a completely non-partisan commission, which would be chosen by the Secretary of State.

"If one party gets 50 percent of the votes, it would get 50 percent of the seats in the legislature, that's generally not the case now."

Rozycki says Prop 2 is gaining momentum, but like any proposal, there is some drawback.

"The parties don't like it. Right now, republicans are in the majority, so they would do less well under this proposal probably, If democrats win the majority, they too would do less well."

And if proposal 2 passes, the commission would be transparent, allowing voters to attend hearings and record them as well.

Election day is November 6.

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