Proposed bill would make it illegal for dogs to sit on people's laps while driving

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/29/17) - A new bill introduced in the State House could make it illegal for dogs to sit in the laps of drivers while driving.

Under House Bill 5277, it would be illegal to have your dog sitting on your lap, unless the dog is sitting in your lap for a medical reason covered under the American with Disabilities Act.

Lawmakers who spearheaded the bill say having your dog on your lap is considered a form of distracted driving.

"To me, my dog's more important than anything, so every little thing would distract me if he was on my lap -- so he has to ride in the back. If he barked at something, I'd want to know what he's barking at, if he's on my lap, it would distract me from my driving," said dog owner Lily Snyder.

"What if the dog sees something moves the steering wheel? you go crash into somebody else?, What if you get in an accident and the dog gets hurt? There's many issues with having a dog on your lap. I personally don't have my dog on my lap because he's bigger," said dog owner Ann Schornak.

If the bill is signed into law, violators on the first offense would pay a $100 fine.

Second offenses would be a $200 fine.

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