Prosecutors investigating embattled Midland plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Morris

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MIDLAND (WJRT) (1/24/2018) - Complaints are pouring in about Midland plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Morris, who is accused of taking prepayments for surgeries he never completes.

Several patients who are out thousands of dollars are upset that authorities so far have told them the allegations against Morris aren't a crime.

But that could change, as the Midland County Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation into the complaints against Morris.

Kelly Rogers of Bay City is out $3,400 that she prepaid Morris for an operation that was considered medically necessary. Surgery was set for September at the MidMichigan Medical Center in Midland.

"My surgery date came and went and never heard a thing," she said.

Rogers would soon learn what other patients of Morris had discovered. His medical license was suspended in September for failing to report to the state that he was convicted twice of drunk driving and was arrested for a probation violation.

Surgeries were cancelled, but Rogers and others didn't get the thousands of dollars back they prepaid for their operations.

"Where is our refund?" she asked.

Several patients, including Rogers, have complained to police, the prosecutor's office and state agencies. So far, they are being told they should file civil complaints, because there is nothing criminal here.

"We are all wondering how they know its not criminal when they have never investigated," Rogers said.

Midland County Prosecutor J. Dee Brooks called the Morris case an open investigation. While the probe has started out as a civil complaint, it could turn into a criminal matter.

Morris has his medical license back for now, but Rogers and others patients do not want the doctor's services anymore. They just want their money back.

"It should be reasonable for anyone that knows about this whole situation for them to understand we would not want him to do our surgeries, whether he is allowed to at Midland hospital or not," Rogers said.

Brooks did not have a date when the investigation would be wrapped up. Morris did not return messages seeking comment this week.

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